Infant Program

The Montessori philosophy recognizes children have a natural drive to inspire them to reach their fullest potential. Our Infant Program provides a solid base for such development. The Nido room; Italian for “Nest” is where the child begins their earliest and most impressionable moments. The environment evokes a sense of security where the infants are given the opportunity to learn grasping, language and physical development within a spacious open class setting without being inhibited by play pens and walkers.


Infants have the ability to absorb from their surroundings. The daily needs of infants, such as diapering; feeding, and playing are optimal times for interaction. Using these times for social learning experiences encourages full participation from the infant and the caregiver. These times become perfect opportunities for communication and nurturing their emotions. Infants have a sensitive period for movement. In this period of great activity, gross motor skills develop rapidly from three months to three years of age.  By providing the appropriate movement opportunities, and maintaining a safe environment that doesn’t restrict classroom exploration, these motor skills are able to unfold naturally and at the infants’ own pace. Also for they have the best absorb languages from birth through six years of age. At this age the child’s concentration is on learning to speak.