After School Program

  • Our After school program services children from neighborhood elementary schools.
  • We pick up from the following schools:
    • Olson Elementary, Allen – Allen ISD
    • Marion Elementary, Allen – Allen ISD
    • Boon Elementary, Allen – Allen ISD
    • Chetham Elementary, Allen – Allen ISD
    • Kerr Elementary, Allen – Allen ISD
    • Puster Elementary, Fairview – Lovejoy ISD
    • McGowen Elementary, McKinney – McKinney ISD
  • Our van driver will not leave until all students are accounted for. Please be sure to call the school prior to 2:00p.m. if your child will not be riding the Greenville van.
  • A snack will be served daily upon arrival to the school.
  • The program consists of Montessori trained teachers who help the children to finish home work from class. The program also offers challenges with other age appropriate educational concepts. The Montessori philosophy focuses on teaching for understanding. Children learn by observing and manipulating their environment and this concept is carried in the after school program. In addition the child will be given the opportunity to interact socially with peers and engage in physical activity.
  • A time for homework and study will be provided for grades 1st and up– we ask that all homework be checked at home.

Please contact us to learn more about our programs!