Teacher Appreciation Week – Day 1

This week we are celebrating our awesome teachers! We have something planned for them each day of the week. To start off their Monday morning, Ms. Cameron and Ms. Jackie made this amazing breakfast…thank you ladies!! And thank you to all our teachers who do an amazing job every day with all the kiddos!! Happy Monday!

Special guest!

We had a special guest at the school today – our own tooth fairy!! She met with all the kiddos and talked about the importance of dental hygiene. It was a cute, fun visit 🙂

Celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday!

We had a visit today from Dr. Seuss’ favorite cat from The Cat in the Hat to celebrate his birthday. All classes attended the story time and had a really good time!

GMS Pet Drive Underway!

Our school has partnered with Legacy Humane Society (LHS) to raise awareness and donations for our furry friends. LHS is a volunteer based group that operates through the generosity of the community and depends entirely on donations. As part of this partnership the School is hosting our first ever Pet Drive this month. In the school foyer, you will find pictures of several animals looking for a home, and

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Food For Belly

Breakfast today was French toast with bananas! Yummy!

Food For Thought

A teacher is never a giver of ‘truth’; He is a guide, a pointer to the truth that the student must discover for himself.” – Bruce Lee