In addition to a full and well rounded classroom curriculum children (toddlers and older) will receive the following enrichment classes included in your tuition. These classes have their own instructors and age appropriate curriculum

Computers – 2X a week

  • We use ABCMouse.com to teach basic computer skills to our preschoolers. They learn parts of the computer, how to use the mouse and play educational games that have academic objectives
  • Kindergarten and Elementary classes learn how to open and close files, type word documents and achieve complex academic objectives through ABCMouse.com

Spanish – 2X a week

  • Our Spanish curriculum is very interactive. Most of the class is conducted in Spanish. Using music, dance, songs, puppets and other manipulatives classes are designed to suit the needs of the various age groups
  • Kindergarten and Elementary classes conduct dialogues, written work and even some role play activities

Music and Literacy – 1X a week

  • Music and Movement is done daily at circle time. However, once a week the music teacher conducts formal voice training, note recognition, introduction of musical instruments, music for various cultures and a host of music and movement activities in each class
  • Literacy – Montessori teaching prides itself in early development for literacy programs. Here at Greenville Montessori, we are proud to introduce our early learners to a very comprehensive collection of age appropriate books, writing centers, vocabulary development and library usage