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My daughter has attended this School for 2 years now. She is in the beginning stages of reading at only 31/2. The director is absolutely wonderful and is attentive to each parent’s individual needs. She cares about her staff and makes sure they are trained to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. We rate this school a top notch school the best in Allen. I almost forgot to mention that the owner is amazing as well , both of them are on site everyday!!

My child has attended here for over 2 years and it has been a great experience. There has been little to no turn-over of lead teachers (none in my child’s classrooms) and each teacher that has worked with him has been caring and knowledgeable. The school fosters independence and accelerated learning while still being warm and a fun place for kids to be. I love the mixed age groups once students are 3. My child has grown leaps and bounds since joining the primary classroom. The facilities are calm and clean and the typical ‘daycare waves’ of illness don’t seem to go through the student groups here (knock wood!). One other note…the school is closed a handful of days a year for teacher planning/parent conferences. This is great to give some extra time to teachers and is helpful as a parent to have the opportunity to discuss a child’s progress but it might be worth factoring in if both parents work in jobs with little flexibility/no back-up care arrangement.

Having previously worked in education and also having observed preschools through interaction with my friends’ children, I am thoroughly pleased with GMS and plan to keep my child enrolled through kindergarten.

There aren’t enough stars to rate this school and staff!  My son has been attending for a year, and I have had nothing but positive experiences.  Starting in the morning when my child is greeted by the front desk staff and/or the director.  On to taking him to class, where his teachers genuinely want to know how his night was and how he woke up feeling.  I confidently leave him each day knowing that only place he could be loved, nurtured, and cared for would be at home.  I appreciate the time, thoughtfulness and planning that goes into transition a child up to the next level.  The teacher, staff, director, and owners are phenomenal, and take great strides to ensure the children are learning and receiving the best care while they are in school.

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I have been sending my kids here for over two years and I’m very happy with our experience.  My oldest son has since gone off to kindergarten and thanks to the education he received here he was more than prepared and in fact excels at public school.  My youngest son still attends and loves his teachers who I feel genuinely care about his well being. I know that when he is at school he is being nurtured which is all you can ask for when you leave your kids in someone else’s hands for the day.  I would not hesitate to recommend this school to anyone.

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My daughter has attended this school for 5 years. It has been a great experience for her. We are moving away and I hate that she will not complete her last year here. The teachers are well trained and each child gets and great feeling of self worth and accomplishments. Every child works at their own pace and gets a super education. The staff and principal are great. My child was reading before she was 5 and tested in the top 97% in reading in the 2nd grade.

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Student oriented, advanced education, wonderful/professional teaching staff, all families are involved in school and with their families.

- Student oriented, advanced education, wonderful/professional teaching staff

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